Teboho S. Monyamane

Clinical Psychologist

Couple and Family Therapy

Some of the most common problems for which couples seek therapy are infidelity, financial issues, sexual health problems, domestic violence, and difficulties in communication. 

I work with couples who:

  • Are generally happy with their relationship but would like to improve a few aspects
  • Want to improve the way they communicate with each other
  • Want to understand and resolve conflicts
  • Are not sure whether they want to continue or end their relationship 
  • Have decided to end their relationship, but want to understand "what went wrong"
  • Have experienced difficulties in their relationship and want to work on these difficulties in order to improve the quality of the relationship.


Family therapy

Family therapy is available for families experiencing an array of challenges affecting the family system. This can be for the whole family or siblings, parent and child, for example. 


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